WATCH: Les Kiss on Ireland’s Six Nations Campaign

by Tom Fox

The dust has well and truly settled on Ireland’s Six Nations campaign and the overwhelming emotion from an Irish perspective was one of disappointment. It was a mixed bag to be fair but two wins from five is not a record the management team or players will be satisfied with. 

Speaking to Eoin McDevitt on the excellent iTalkSport programme on Setanta Sports on Sunday morning, Ireland’s assistant coach Les Kiss gave some very interesting insight into the campaign from the perspective of the coaches.

Although Kiss didn’t accept Andrew Trimble’s sentiments that Ireland ‘gave in’ against England, he did admit that the players had lost some of their confidence, mainly due to the hammering sustained in the scrum.

Similarly, when pushed on why the Irish defence was so passive against Wales, Kiss noted that it was just one of those days where it didn’t happen for the players and it had always been their intention to put pressure on the Welsh in this facet of the game. Enough of my rambling, watch what the man had to say for yourselves below!

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