Sonny Bill Williams Pre Fight ‘Brawl’ & Actual KO

by Tom Fox

Ok, so maybe it isn’t a brawl but any news with Sonny Bill Williams is big news. We all know of his burgeoning boxing career and tonight Sonny Bill Williams squares off in the ring against Clarence Tillman III. 

At the pre fight press conference/weigh in thingy the day before the fight, the two men faced up to each other, before  Clarence Tillman III swings at the Kiwi and seems to land one. There has been much suggestion that this was staged and a publicity stunt. Have a look below and judge for yourselves.

Below is the actual fight too, which lasted about 90 seconds before Sonny Bill laid him out.

3 Responses

  1. James says:

    The man is a freak

  2. mac says:

    doesnt look like a great opponent would love to see him fight someone decent!

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