Bradley Davies & Stephen Ferris Yellow Cards

by Tom Fox

Much has been made of the two yellow cards in the Ireland versus Wales game at the Aviva on Saturday in the opening round of the Six Nations Championship.

The first yellow was dished out to Davies, for what looked like a red card all day. It is ironic that it was a fellow Welshman and teammate, Sam Warburton, who was handed a red card for a similar tackle in such controversial circumstances in the World Cup. In fact, Warburton’s spear tackle on Clerc was not as bad as Davies on Donncha Ryan if truth be told. Touch judge Dave Pearson, who spotted the infringement, botttled the red card.

The Ferris yellow was less of an obvious one but he put himself in an awkward position nonetheless by lifting the legs of an opposing player off the ground. None of this really matters now and the result is written and Wales were the better team on the day, in any case. Watch the two incidents below and make your own mind up.

3 Responses

  1. Quinner says:

    Davies a red and Ferris a penalty, end of.

  2. James says:

    People are being too easy on Ferris. He put himself in that position by lifting the legs in the air. What was he thinking??

  3. Taggs says:

    Agree Wales played better on day. But Ferris tackle wasn’t even worth a pen. Evans always had one leg on the ground. It wasn’t even a dangerous tackle. Its not an offence to lift player in the tackle. It is an offence to drop player in the tackle after lifted.

    Ireland should be bitter after this decision and the one were wales got try from a dead ball last year.

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