Backpage Rugby Episode 1 – Les Kiss Interview

by Tom Fox

Given the popularity of the podcast on our sister site Backpage Football, we have decided to have a lash over here at the egg chasing wing of Backpage towers. 

Our first episode is an interview by editor Tom Fox with Ireland assistant coach Les Kiss. Being huge fans of Les’s work on Ruggamatrix, we were delighted to have him on our first show. Not all the episodes will take this format however as there will be more of the site’s writers on the show as well as more quality guests and some banter to be had as we will be discussing all the latest goings on in the game.

It is also available in itunes so check it out there too and subscribe if it tickles your fancy..

We want this pod to be for rugby fans like ourselves so if anyone has any suggestions for how they want the show to play out or even if you want to come on and have a chat about rugby, drop us an email at or tweet us.

Anyway, our first effort is below and Les Kiss gives some great insight into the Irish camp, the plans for the future and all matters rugby really! Have a listen and let us know what you think :)

6 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    Well Done Tom, Great first episode great to listen whilst in work and great insight to Les’s background and opinions.

    1. Tom Fox says:

      Thanks a million Michael. You must come on sooner rather than later!

  2. James says:

    Great interview, sounds like a good bloke who talks a lot of sense.

    1. Tom Fox says:

      He was James, thanks.

  3. Great stuff Tom! Interesting insight into the man and his thoughts on rugby. He didn’t sound overly positive about Deccie’s role there towards the end…

    Looking forward to more!

    1. Tom Fox says:

      Cheers Murray, really enjoyed chatting to him. Sound bloke and his passion for the game comes through.. Listening back, there are other things I wished I had asked him but I’ll get him again!

      You are due to come on the pod soon mate!

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