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Rugby 7s

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Henry Thomas Sale Sharks feeds the ball, during the JP Morgan Asset Management Premiership Rugby 7s the Rec in Bath UK on 6th August 2010 ,during the final round of the of the J.P.Morgan Asset Management Premiership 7′s.

The J.P. Morgan Asset Management Premiership 7′s starts in the summer of 2010. This first year will see 3 regional group matches followed by a final. Each event will take place on a Friday night between 7 and 10pm and will be for all the family to enjoy. ESPN will be broadcasting the events live.

A short form of rugby played throughout the world, Rugby 7s is, as the name suggests, a seven-a-side game that is played for seven minutes each way with a two minute break at half-time. By its nature the game is more fluid and open than its 15-a-side brother, requiring quick acceleration, sprint stamina, quick thinking, accurate passing and decisive tackling. This simple, fast and furious game is exciting for audiences and players alike.

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